3 Ways Credit Card Companies Are Screwing You


Applying for a credit card nowadays has become easier due to the improved policies set by banks and providers. While many people think that credit cards are blessings, some cases are not so good. Some credit card companies are known for their blatant lies, and they screw people in order to sell their products.


If you want to avoid getting screwed by credit card companies, you should be aware of their viper-like tactics. Here are some tactics that you have to be aware of:


Deferred Interest Trick


An old trick in the book, the deferred interest rate is also known as the 0% clause. Many people apply for credit cards because of the 0% interest rate. Unfortunately, this offer is too good to be true. The deferred interest rate will only be applicable for a certain time period. Afterwards, your card will have an interest, and it may even be higher than other cards without deferred interest. That’s deception right off the bat, yet many people still fall for it.


Massive Hidden Fees


If a credit card’s interest is tolerable, you can breathe a sigh of relief. However, you should still remain vigilant. Credit cards are known for their hidden fees and these will give you tons of headaches. Before getting the card, always read the fine print. Slam the rep with questions in order to get the right details. As a client, you have the right to know the truth about the product that you intend to buy. Don’t let hidden fees bully you.


Scaling Interest Rates


Another method of attracting credit card applicants is the act of deliberately lowering the interest rate. If the 0% clause attracts thousands of people, then any rate higher than that is attractive. You may think that credit card providers are benevolent for offering low interest rate. But you have to be careful – this good will can be a trap. The low interest will only remain for few months, then it will gradually surge. Before you know it, your credit card balance shoots off the roof. To avoid credit cards with scaling interest, do your research in moneylender review. Track down customer reviews and other important factors.


While we can’t deny that credit cards are really useful for emergency purposes, you should be vigilant about the companies offering those cards. Watch out for the signs that credit card companies might screw you. By being a responsible credit card speculator, you won’t have any regrets later on.

3 Types of Useful Healthcare Loans

Taking care of your health should be your number one priority. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. We are too drowned in our daily habits that we simply forget to think about our health. If you’re serious about your health, you’d take all initiatives to be healthy. One of these methods is to get a healthcare loan.


Nowadays, there are various types of healthcare loans that can match your lifestyle. Here are some examples:


Dental Loan


Among all types of healthcare loans, a dental loan is underestimated. Well, many people don’t think about their dental health. This is a wrong mindset! If you take care of your dental health, you’ll have better physiology and you’d be safeguarded from most diseases. Dental loans have numerous coverage points, depending on the licensed money lender. The loan can be used to fund dental cleaning sessions, checkups, and minor surgeries. To become approved for this loan, you need to make sure that your employment credentials are clear. Also, you may need to have a spotless financial record, though this is not always the case for all lenders.


Family Medicine Assistance Loan


If you have a family, then family healthcare should be part of your monthly financial allocation. The family medicine loan is a timely debt tool that can provide assistance to you and everyone in your family. Companies providing family medicine assistance are also known for their generous rates and easy application processes. Before applying for this kind of healthcare loan, pick the choice that offers low interest rates and acceptable repayment terms.


Hospital Admission Loan


A hospital admission loan is something that you’d get if ever you or a loved one is hospitalized. Without this loan, hospital admission can be financially painful. Most hospitals will require a deposit before medical staff begins working. Once you managed to secure this type of loan, you or your loved one can be saved from danger. The best thing about this loan is that you can combine it with your insurance provider, therefore lowering your overall expenses.


We never know what will happen in the future. While loans are not insurances, they are still cards that you can play when the turd hits the fan. Still, the best strategy that you can do is to invest in your health and wellbeing. By doing so, you can avoid the torment of huge medical bills in the future. More importantly, you can enjoy the best things that life has to offer.

3 Tips to Save Money in the BPO Arena

In the past decade, the BPO industry has grown to epic proportions. Around the world, thousands of BPO employees are discovering new opportunities and great career paths. Even though BPO centers are full of good things, many employees are facing huge financial troubles. Some of them have too many debts while others spend too much.


If you work in a BPO center and you want to save money, you need to apply some serious strategies. At first, you’d have a hard time applying them, but you have to be firm!


Minimize Fancy Eat-Outs


Most BPO employees love to eat fancily. They can’t be blamed – the long hours they poured in at work must be compensated by great food and great experience. If you love fancy food, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, you need to know when to draw the line. Perhaps you can save a bit more if you try cooking your meals at home. Try minimizing your fancy eat-outs to once per week and your financial state will turn for the better.


Don’t Buy Unnecessary Stuff


Everyone should avoid buying unnecessary stuff – not just BPO employees. Think about this: your extra cash can be used to purchase something useful (i.e. investment). Or you can just put that money in your savings account. How do you categorize unnecessary stuff? Well, you have to determine if you really need to buy a thing or not. Luxury items should be ranked behind necessities. If it’s the other way around, then you’ll be in trouble.


Create a Log of Your Expenses


Even though it can be tedious to jot down your daily expenses, it’s a useful strategy that can improve your level of financial discipline. By knowing your expenses, you’ll see which items eat a large chunk of your budget. You can now work on minimizing the purchase of these items. Ask yourself if you need that item or not. If you can’t make big adjustments for your expense rate, try thinking of ideas that can raise your income level. Remember, there must be a strong balance between your income and expenses. Without this balance, your financial status will be compromised.


Working in the BPO industry has numerous advantages indeed. However, don’t let the grand BPO lifestyle affect your financial discipline. Remember, it’s not bad to purchase things from your hard-earned cash. Just keep in mind that saving money will help pave your future. If you save money today, you’ll have a nest egg that you can rely on someday.

3 Things to Do if Loans Are Stressing You Out

While loans are generally helpful, it’s still undeniable that they can be great sources of stress. If a loan can’t be repaid on time, it will accrue penalties that can put the borrower in a negative financial situation. But it’s not yet the end of the world! Loan issues are problems that can be resolved with careful planning.


If loans are causing you too much distress, here are some things that you must do:


Create a Debt Resolution Process


A debt resolution process is a plan that will attempt to fix your loan problems. This plan can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. However, it’s advisable to be concise. Your plan should include your current financial challenges, strengths, opportunities, and the specifics of your loans. Discuss your plan with your spouse so the both of you can share strategies. Keep your debt resolution process as fluid as possible. You never know when some adjustments are needed.


Take an Opportunity to Relax


In the midst of unpaid loans and persistent creditors, you must learn how to find peace. Whenever you can, find opportunities to relax. Read your favorite book or immerse yourself in great music. Escape, even for a little while. A casual dinner with your friends is also enough to take the weight of stress from your shoulders. You can also take a simple walk in the park. Once your mind is relaxed, you can now come up of solutions. As long as you’re aware of your responsibilities and the passage of time, your relaxation spree will be totally helpful.


Seek Help Once Your Mind is Clear


A clear mind is the catalyst of solutions. In the world of finance, it’s easy to lose your bearings. Too many details can overwhelm you and there are also tons of payables to worry about. As much as possible, you need to clear your mind. Go to your favorite spot and practice mindful meditation. In this way, the answers will come to you. If your mind is already clear, you can now seek the help of your friends or relatives. Now, you can view all solutions objectively.


Once you’ve managed to repay all of your loans, understand the lesson. If a instant cash loan proves too much to handle, stay away from it. Don’t be swayed by marketing tactics. Remember that a loan must be used for emergency purposes – not as a crutch.

3 Ways People Fail at Managing Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt management is a problem among thousands of people around the world. Despite the warnings from financial experts, these people commit mistakes that put them in compromising situations. How can one fail at credit card management? Here are some of the pitfalls:


The Swipe Lifestyle


If you have a credit card, swiping is life. In just few swipes, you can buy the things and services you want. No need to get cash out of your wallet. In mere seconds, you’ll be a happy shopper. Seems good, right? However, at the end of the month, the reality will sink in. You’ve swiped more than you can chew. The swipe lifestyle has turned into a ‘swipe trap’ and your credit card debt has ballooned. When this happens, you should focus on quick repayment. Don’t use the credit card unless the balance has been settled. In this way, you can avoid the pitfall of uncontrolled swiping.


Lack of Awareness


Many people apply for credit cards because they were driven by marketing impulses. The 0% interest clause attracted them, and they jumped onto the bandwagon right away. Without proper research, you’re treading a dangerous ground. You must read the fine print of your credit card so that you’ll know if the interest rate will scale up after a finite amount of time. While you have no control over credit card policies, you’ll still have a fighting chance if you’re aware of the terms and agreements.


Getting A Second Card


One of the main mistakes of credit card holders is to pour gas onto fire by getting another card. Once the debt kicks in, they tend to go on panic mode and seek for alternatives. A second credit card will only help if you have a debt management strategy in place. Don’t rely on this strategy if you’re driven by impulse. Before getting a second card, seek the opinion of financial experts. You can visit forums and financial channels to widen your knowledge. If others have done the same strategy, you can ask them for guidance.


A credit card debt is not a laughing matter. If unchecked, your credit card will send you reeling from financial blows, unable to recover. You’ll have a miserable life since credit card companies will chase you. So, before getting a credit card, make sure that you can take the responsibility and you have a repayment plan ready. Beware the credit card trap!